Want to maximise your sales income?

Do you dread writing real estate ads?

We write advertisements, profiles and newsletters for busy Real Estate Agents.

All real estate agents recognise the importance of their advertisements.  Whether the ads are appearing on a website, the Property Press or a flier, advertisements are your main way of attracting potential buyers.

Our clients have many different reasons for using our writing services.  Here are some common reasons for working with Real Estate Writer: 

“I’m too busy to write ads.  I have so many deals on the go that I have outsourced the ad writing in order to save time.  I also recognised that I’m better at selling than writing, so now I have a writing professional to fill this gap for me instead.” 

“I just don’t like writing ads.  It’s my least favourite part of the job. I’d rather be out talking to people and showing them properties.  I’ve now outsourced all of my ad writing to Real Estate Writer and it’s the best decision I ever made!” 

“I always struggled with spelling and grammar at school.  Now, even when I'm using Spellcheck on my computer I still keep making mistakes.  I’m too embarrassed to ask my colleagues for help, so I use Real Estate Writer instead.” 

“I’m a new immigrant to New Zealand.  I came from overseas 3 years ago and my English is still not good.  Real Estate Writer helps me write professional ads that attract many customers.”  

Don't embarrass yourself or your vendor with poorly written ads that are full of mistakes!

To create powerful real estate ads that attract potential buyers, contact us now.

We provide a fast, confidential, professional service that will help you maximise your sales revenue. 

Let us help you make more sales.

Confidential Service
We will not let anyone else know that you have used our services (unless you give us specific permission in writing to do so).

Fast Turnaround
For advertisements, we guarantee that we will provide you with a 24 hour turnaround period, 365 days a year.  Time frames for monthly newsletters are by negotiation. 

Money Back Guarantee
If for any reason you do not like your ad and do not want to use it, then we will refund you your money in full – no questions asked.

We have professional copywriters in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch with more areas coming soon.

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